A Booking Platform for Your Exceptional Properties
Welcome to Rent My Vcaton Home – the industry’s first booking platform designed for property managers to showcase their most bespoke homes, condos and villas.

Unlike Airbnb, and European-based OTAs, Rent My Vacation Home gives you complete control over the booking process – allowing you to vet guests. You set the terms and conditions, you are the merchant of record, and you set the cancellation policies. We created Rent My Vacation Home to allow property managers to promote their super-premium properties in a marketplace designed for the most discriminating traveler.
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Direct Communication
No restrictive messaging systems or guests routed to overseas call centers here. Your potential guests are routed directly to your team.

Proven Marketing Reach
With 3 decades of experience marketing luxury homes, we harness the power of our national contacts to increase your bookings.

Concierge Services
You can recommend our portfolio to guests traveling elsewhere with confidence. All Rent My Vacation Home homes and guests are professionally served by leading property managers of the highest standard.

Guest Screening
Direct communication allows you to screen your guests through your processes, before they book, in order to give you peace of mind and mitigate the risks of less-than-ideal guests.



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