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We have Vacation Rentals by owner available on 115 websites throughout the United States. Whether it is condos, cabins, Lake Homes, snow cabins, beachfront, water front or a sporting venues home Rent My Vacation Home by owner has the right vacation home for you and your family. Rent My Vacation rentals by owner has the best beach rentals that you can book just like you can a hotel room.

Of course the most popular VACATION rental we have is beach rentals by owner  .We have many beach Vacation rental available for you and your family at discounted prices, usually 20% lower than the rest of the websites. Whether you’re going to a major city like Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington DC, or a smaller city like big bear Lake we have the vacation rental for you.

If you’re looking for a winter vacation rental by owner we have plenty of those as well. Rent My Vacation Home and its 115 offices and websites can accommodate your family anywhere you would like to travel in the United States. Use our reservation system and your family will be able to travel with the guarantee that your reservation is there.        

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 Please take a minute and read through our vacation rental testimonials link Below. We have many satisfied customers who have used our systems and offices with some pretty spectacular results. Whether you’re looking for vacation rentals by owner or you need vacationers for your rental by owner take a minute and read what others have to say.   


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sunnybags.jpg1. {#/pub/images/start.jpg} Start by  Clicking Here and Seting up your payment account to accept credit cards from travelers before you make your listing. This is a requirement for the pay per booking 0% upfront program.  ( Tip* You will be asked to provide your bank account number and routing number when you apply to accept payments on the credit card acceptance application. There is also a very small monthly fee for service charges paid to the card processor Per Month). 

2. After accepted to the program for credit card processing you will get a free password and login from Rent My Vacation Home to make your listing. (Call 800-699-7684 after accepted by credit processor and given gateway ID).

3.  Your listing is a web page dedicated to advertising your property for Rent By Owner. It will display all the important information needed for guests to book your home using their credit card. The booking system works just like a standard Marriott checkout system with the Money going to the Vacation Home-owners checking account after fees above paid.  Start by applying to accept credit cards NOW.

 2 Day wait for verification

*9.19% total per Booking Charge (Mandatory Credit Card Reservation Cost and Application Required)


{#/pub/images/115sites.jpg}7% charge for Each Reservation goes  to Rent My Vacation Home by owner plus credit card processing of  2.19% to the card processing center = Total 9.19% charge for each booking  made. (9.19% paid for by vacation Home-owner.)


 $0 Upfront Cost - Pay-Per-Booking listings are free to set up and post on our site.



Vacation Rental Homeowners have Limited access to reservation information and listing until 9% reservation fee is Paid by Homeowner for each reservation. .


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   Details Vacation Rental By Owner - 10% Paid By Vacationer added on to your Price - 2 Day Wait - Limited Use 


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Vacation Rental by Homeowner :

1sunnyskigoggle.jpg. {#/pub/images/start.jpg}Start by Sending us a copy of your driver's license or Military ID in a email to photo@rentmyvacationhome.com (just take a picture of it or web cam it.)   2 Day wait for verification.

2. Give us a Public profile as a second ID. Example:  FaceBook or Google Plus account and many more.
(So we compare to the id sent).  

3. Call 800-699-7684 to verify your phone number for the


4. Receive your free promo code to sign up during the call.{#/pub/images/115sites.jpg}

Your guests will be charged 10% for each reservation (a non refundable
booking fee) .

Some Payments may require  PayPal accounts for payment depending on vacationers
payment form.

Vacation Rental Homeowners have Limited access to reservation information and listing until 10% reservation fee is Paid by vacationer for each reservation.


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